Can Type 2 diabetes lead to heart disease?

Post date: 6/2/2024

Diabetes and heart disease have a direct connection, with the diabetic up to four times more likely to die from heart attack. The good news? It’s manageable, even preventable. The impact of diabetes Many older adults struggle with diabetes, or linger at the tipping point between abnormally high blood sugar and a formal diagnosis. But […]

Staying Cool: Summer Fitness Tips

Post date: 7/3/2024

During the summer, it’s essential to continue exercising despite the soaring temperatures. Living in the desert can make this more challenging due to the intense daytime heat. However, there are various ways to stay active and maintain fitness goals even in 110-degree weather. Turn Your Living Room into a Gym Transform your living room or […]

Warm Welcomes: The Heart of Friendly Communities

Post date: 6/20/2024

Moving into a new place can feel overwhelming at first for you, as it takes time to get familiar with your new surroundings and establish a comfortable living space. When you choose to move into a Sun Health Life Care Community, you’ll be surrounded by folks in similar stages of life enjoying it to the […]

Learning For Your Health

Post date: 6/13/2024

Lifelong learning, the continuous pursuit of knowledge, regardless of age, helps exercise your mind. It also leads to better cognitive and emotional health. One way to pursue lifelong learning is through the Community Education program offered by Sun Health. This program provides knowledge and awareness for the community. Most classes are of no cost to […]

Healthy and Budget Grocery Shopping Tips

Post date: 5/30/2024

Grocery shopping can be a lot of work, especially trying to stay within a budget and on track with healthy eating. But with some planning, it can be a rewarding and efficient experience. Below are a few tips to follow for a nutritional way to shop and eat. Meal plan Creating a meal plan is […]

Meet Our Memory Care Navigator

Post date: 5/16/2024

Deanna Zamorano has recently been hired as a Memory Care Navigator at the Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing. Deanna holds a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Delivery from Arizona State University and is a Registered Nurse. Additionally, she has a Clinical Case Manager certification (CCM). With over ten years of experience in […]

What Should You Weigh? Common Weight Loss Questions, Answered

Post date: 4/24/2024

It’s great to want to be healthy and in shape, but there’s often a lot of confusion and uncertainty about how to reach your weight loss goals the right way. It can be frustrating when you feel stuck and aren’t making any progress, or maybe you’ve even taken a few steps in the wrong direction. […]

Keeping Heart Healthy

Post date: 2/25/2024

Commit to good heart health in the New Year By Gretchen Pahia Congestive heart failure is one of the most prevalent conditions among older Valley residents. In fact, 5.7 million Americans over the age of 65 are affected by congestive heart failure each year. While it is a dangerous condition, it can be prevented and […]

Easy to Miss Signs of a Heart Attack in Women

Post date: 1/24/2024

Common media depictions of heart attack symptoms include a man clutching his chest, falling to the floor with an arm outstretched, instantly knowing he was having a heart attack. However, women don’t experience heart attacks the same way men do. Many women don’t recognize the early signs and symptoms, or mistake them for other health […]

Sun Health Receives CDC Full Plus Recognition For Diabetes Prevention Program

Post date: 10/12/2023

Sun Health was recently recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the impact of its National Diabetes Prevention Program. This recognition stems from ongoing work to help those at risk to make necessary nutritional, physical activity and behavioral changes to improve health and prevent or delay the onset of type 2 […]

Is it time to take the keys? Driving and dementia

Post date: 9/18/2023

The road can be uncertain when your loved one is diagnosed with memory loss. Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigators offers advice on delicate decisions around whether driving is still safe. The road can be uncertain when your loved one is diagnosed with memory loss. Dementia, with the most common form being Alzheimer’s, is the general […]

Chair Yoga For Strength, Balance and More

Post date: 4/18/2023

Do you often feel tense? Has it become difficult to bend down and tie your shoes due to stiff joints? Are you often worried about falling? If so, chair yoga is the ideal exercise to add to your daily routine. The stabilized motions of chair yoga are known to alleviate some of the most common […]

Sun Health’s Recommended Foods for Bone Health

Post date: 4/16/2023

Here are lists of foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium– which help with keeping bones healthy and strong. Vitamin D rich foods: Milk: 8 oz has 2.5 micrograms (mcg) or 100 IU (international units) vitamin D Some brands of juice; the amount of vitamin D varies Margarine: 1 Tbsp has 1.5 mcg […]

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