7 Reasons to Move Every Day

Post date: 5/29/2019

According to the CDC, one in four adults sit for more than eight hours a day. While a little rest and relaxation is fine here and there, living a completely sedentary life can be dangerous for your health. Increasing your physical activity at any age can help lower your risk factors for serious health conditions. […]

Sun Health Expands Diabetes Management Expertise

Post date: 5/21/2019

Sun Health Expands Diabetes Management Expertise with Addition of Certified Diabetes Educator Damian Plues SURPRISE, Ariz., May 15, 2019 – One of the West Valley’s strongest resources for diabetes prevention and management has added fresh expertise to its team serving the City of Surprise and surrounding areas. Damian Plues, RD, CDE, ACSM-CPT joins Sun Health […]

Fall Prevention 101

Post date: 5/8/2019

Six tips to minimize the risk of falling By Alison Stanton More than a quarter of adults 65 and older fall each year, and falling once doubles their chances of falling again, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And out of every five who fall, one is seriously injured. Many falls, however, […]

Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator Program Adds New Navigator

Post date: 4/25/2019

SURPRISE, ARIZ., April 1, 2019 – Sun Health has added Sherry Wagoner, a health care professional with more than 40 years of experience, to its Memory Care Navigator (MCN) team. The MCN program helps patients, family members and caregivers cope with the emotional, psychological and physical effects of memory loss. It’s provided at no cost […]

Healthy Body, Healthy Bones

Post date: 4/12/2019

Medication and lifestyle changes can keep bones strong Four fractured bones in just a few years. Multiple emergency room visits. And, strong medications to help with pain.  This was what one 75-year-old patient endured until she sought treatment from Dr. Kelly Krohn, MD, bone specialist and medical director of bone health at The CORE Institute, […]

Fighting Osteoporosis

Post date: 4/12/2019

How regular exercise and a balanced diet can strengthen bones and keep you fit  By Meghann Finn Sepulveda Bone loss is a natural part of aging. But, staying healthy and strong can minimize your chances of developing osteoporosis, a disease defined by weak and porous bones, which can lead to fractures and chronic pain.  The […]

Better Breathing

Post date: 4/5/2019

Preventing and Treating COPD By Shanna Hogan  The event occurred 12 years ago, but the memory of it still causes Doug Salter to wince. He had come down with a nasty cold and sore throat and coughed up blood during a coughing fit.  “The first thing that goes through my mind as an ex-smoker is […]

Prepare for Tomorrow Today

Post date: 4/5/2019

There’s no time like the present to get your affairs in order By Erin Thorburn The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” is good advice for all stages of life, but it takes on greater import as we grow older.  Getting one’s affairs in order sooner rather than later can ensure your end-of-life wishes are followed […]

A Critical Connection

Post date: 2/13/2019

Growing evidence shows diabetes increases risk for dementia By Candace Hoffmann Researchers are beginning to see a connection between diabetes and types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.  Anything that affects blood flow or causes inflammation can impact the brain and contribute to the changes in the brain proteins that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and […]

Memory Loss: Normal Aging or Cause for Concern?

Post date: 2/13/2019

By Shanna Hogan Losing your car keys. Forgetting someone’s name. Mixing up words.   Who among us has not experienced one or more of these mental miscues? Most often, they are just signs of mild forgetfulness that can be chalked up to normal aging.   But, how can you tell the difference between normal age-related […]

Steps to a Healthier Heart

Post date: 1/10/2019

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heart By Shanna Hogan  Give Paul Johnson hiking boots, a well-marked trail and the splendor of nature, and he’s a happy man. “I love the outdoors,” he says.  But the retired printing-press operator was not so happy last fall when respiratory and cardiac health issues landed […]

Make a DASH Toward Better Health

Post date: 1/10/2019

The DASH diet can help lower blood pressure  By Alison Stanton Doctors often prescribe a low-sodium diet to combat high blood pressure, but experts say there is an even better approach.  It’s called the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH plan.  “The DASH plan is much more than just a low-sodium diet,” says Registered […]

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