Can the Memory Care Navigator help me or someone I love?

Post date: 8/21/2022

You can depend on the Sun Health Memory Care Navigator to share knowledge about dementia and available community resources when you or a loved one experience memory lapses, behavioral changes and the inevitable functional decline brought on by dementia.
The Navigator helps minimize the stress of supporting a loved one with this chronic disease. The program, offered at no charge thanks to the generous funding of Sun Health Foundation, provides personal and professional guidance for clients, family members and caregivers coping with the emotional, psychological and physical effects of dementia.
The Memory Care Navigator can assist by:

  • Assessing the needs of a client and family and providing a confidential consultation.
  • Developing a personalized plan of care with the client and family that addresses and supports the client’s health and health-related needs.
  • Linking clients and family members to education, support groups and assistive services in the West Valley.
  • Acting as an ongoing resource for families and caregivers as new challenges arise through different stages of dementia.
  • Educating clients and families about available local clinical trials they may discuss with their physicians.
  • Collaborating with and communicating recommendations to each client’s physician.

To learn more, contact the Sun Health Memory Care Navigator program at 623-471-9300.