Impact Stories

We are proud of our team’s determination to implement our longstanding mission of fostering and championing the health and wellbeing of those living in our community. Meet some of the community members whose lives were forever impacted from participating in our health and wellness programs, classes and support groups.


Lorraine Roerig

At 65, Lorraine Roerig was the picture of health until she was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Her entire life was turned upside down. She turned to Sun Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education for help.

Jane Willis

Jane Willis spent decades as an occupational therapist, helping others engage more fully in their lives. Now retired, Jane is focused on living a full life with the help of acupuncture and yoga offered through the Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing.

DeWayne Justice

When DeWayne Justice learned about Care Transitions, he figured it made sense to take full advantage of a program that could speed his recovery. He is grateful that he had access to the program so close to home.

Sandi and Bob Johnson

The support and guidance from navigators like Marty help improve the lives of program clients in ways big and small, whether locating the right support group or having a caring shoulder to lean on in a difficult moment. Clients praise the program for all it offers at such critical times in their lives.

Pat Tierney

After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Pat enrolled in the Diabetes Prevention Program at Sun Health Wellness. He shares how the program has helped him make tremendous changes in his life.

Doug Storaasli

After suffering from a massive pulmonary saddle embolism, Doug was hospitalized. When it was time to transition back home, Doug and his wife Nancy turned to the Sun Health Care Transitions program.

Socorro Cerda

When her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and dementia, Socorro become his full-time caregiver. But, Socorro wasn’t alone. She turned to Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator Program.

Jim and Maria Eagar

After 45 years of marriage, Jim and Maria Eagar had plenty of experience leaning on each other through life’s twists and turns—even through the difficult journey of Maria’s memory loss.

Gladys Eckel

Gladys know first-hand the devastating effects of diabetes after watching several family members battle the disease. When she was diagnosed, she was determined to take a different path.

Woody Leach

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Woody was uncertain about the road ahead. That’s when he turned to Sun Health Wellness to get the help and education he needed.

Bonnie White

Bonnie was determined to lose weight and maintain it. She turned to Sun Health Wellness and invested in a nutrition and fitness package that changed her life.

Barbara Pigott

After Barbara’s husband Dave passed away in 2016, she felt profoundly numb. When she needed someone to turn to, she discovered a grief support group offered by Sun Health Wellness.

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