Impact Stories

We are proud of our team’s determination to implement our longstanding mission of fostering and championing healthy living. Meet some of the community members whose lives were forever impacted from participating in our health and wellness programs, classes and support groups.

Barbara Pigott

After Barbara’s husband Dave passed away in 2016, she felt profoundly numb. When she needed someone to turn to, she discovered a grief support group offered by Sun Health Wellness.

Sharon Brubaker

Sharon Brubaker says that her weight management challenges started when she was just a child. After a lifelong struggle with her weight, Sharon contacted Sun Health Wellness.

Don and Joyce Grover

After receiving care at Banner Boswell Medical Center, Don became increasingly anxious about his transition and healing back home. That’s when Don and his wife Joyce found the Sun Health Wellness Care Transitions program.

Sandra Forsey

When Sandra’s mother’s health started to decline, she had to figure out what to do next and where to turn. Luckily, she discovered Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator program.

Shirley Frizell

When Shirley’s husband Bill was diagnosed with dementia and started to lose independence, she leaned on Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator program.

Judi and Alan Hughes

Judi and Alan Hughes’ journey through the twists and turns of a dementia diagnosis is all too common. They share their experience with Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator program.

Ken Barberi and Mary Lou

When Mary Lou was diagnosed with dementia, Ken became her full-time caregiver. But he hasn’t been alone. Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator program has been by his side through their journey.

Doris Westrack

At 84 years old, Doris was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having world-class services in her backyard helps her continue to tackle and treat her condition.

Lee Roach

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Lee enrolled in the Sun Health Wellness Diabetes Self-Management Education Program. She shares how it’s helped her turn her health and wellbeing around.

Larry Randall

Larry shares his experience with the Sun Health Wellness Diabetes Self-Management program, including how it helped him lose over 50 pounds.

Gene Kirpatrick

Through a recommendation from his physician, Gene was able to find diabetes education classes at Sun Health Wellness. The classes opened his eyes and allowed him to better understand his condition.

JoAnn Milazzo

Sun Health Wellness has given JoAnn the help she needs to successfully manage her pre-diabetes. She now has hope that she can beat her disease and win this fight.

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