Margie Davis and Don Grafton

A four-month time span is what holds together a lifetime friendship for Margie Davis and Don Grafton of Sun City.

The duo became fast friends after both lost their spouses within months of each other. The kinship has proven to be beneficial from a health perspective too. Margie used the skills she learned while attending a Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing class, ‘From the Floor to Your Feet,” to give her friend a helping hand when he fell unexpectedly while doing yard work. Utilizing what she learned saved her friend from having to call 9-1-1.

“Don was outside pruning trees and he fell and landed straight on his back. He already has a very bad back,” Margie recalls. “We immediately looked at each other and said, what did we learn from class?”

Using what they learned, Margie grabbed something for Don to hold onto so he could get to his knees. From there he was eventually able to steady himself with his friends help and work his way back to standing. Margie added that Alex (Sun Health Wellness Specialist, Alex Star) even taught differences between how men balance versus women and the knowledge helped as they worked to get Don back on his feet.

“I was really impressed that Alex during class used chairs and things around the house to show how to use them to get up in case of a fall,” Margie said. “He also helps you analyze how to move, how to sense if you’ve broken something. There were so many great ideas and things we learned that were easy to implement.”

Both Margie and Don are big fans of Sun Health’s classes and support groups, adding that they have taken and learned from the various support groups and encourage others to do the same.

“We actually made some healthy foods, have attended talks on cancer and I utilized the support groups when I lost my husband,” Margie shares. “I have attended more than one and always come back with practical things I can try. It is time well spent. I always walk away wishing I could share the information with others. I am always so impressed.”

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