Bonnie White

Bonnie’s Wellness Journey

A nurse by training, Bonnie White faced down diabetes and a challenging weight loss goal. But she knew the road ahead would have obstacles.

How could she continue to eat healthy? What was the best way to incorporate regular exercise? Would old habits sideline her success?

To stay on course, Bonnie turned to Sun Health’s Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHW).

“Even though I had lost weight myself, I knew that I needed some help with maintenance,” Bonnie said. “Because maintenance is actually more complicated, lifestyle-wise and emotion-wise. You’re changing your whole relationship with food.”

Today, Bonnie is living a healthy and active life. It’s fitting that the new lifestyle came as a birthday surprise.

Bonnie had already lost 100 pounds and lowered her A1C levels. “I lost half of my weight,” she said.

Then, after reading a story about CHW in Sun Health’s LiveWell magazine, Bonnie picked out the perfect birthday gift for herself. She invested in her future with nutrition and fitness packages offered through CHW.

Bonnie credits Susan Welter, registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, for helping her stay focused on meal planning and nutrition. As important, Susan has helped Bonnie understand how to enjoy meals and give food less “power” over her life.

“Susan’s been very perceptive in all ways, not just with her dietitian skills,” Bonnie said.

Through education and determination, Bonnie has kept the weight off.

Bonnie is also committed to staying fit with the help of Rhonda Zonoozi, Sun Health’s exercise physiologist and health coach.

“I’ve gone to many classes over the years,” Bonnie said. “Rhonda actually prepares for the class…and she explains a lot about why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Walking an hour a day, Bonnie feels stronger, has built up muscle, and, as a result, has reduced her risk of falling. She has also lowered her cholesterol significantly.

“I just think that Sun Health is really geared to the types of needs I have,” Bonnie said. “Eating appropriately and moving appropriately gives you a sense of wellbeing.”

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