Janice Park

With the help of Sun Health and lots of brotherly love, Janice Park of Phoenix is showing diabetes who is boss in her life. Janice says her brother has been trying to get her help for years, but nothing was working, that is, until they found Sun Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education(DMSE) program.

“What can I say, he’s my little brother and he loves me,” Janice says with a loving laugh. “We talk about our health a lot and we are close. With his encouragement, I had gone to multiple diabetes information classes, but it was not right and did not tell me anything. They had no personal interest and rushed me in and out. I did not bother to check anything or watch what I eat and I let everything go.”

Letting everything go started to become dangerous for Janice as blood work showed her diabetes was continuing to get worse. Janice’s doctors and her brother were becomingly increasingly worried. Janice’s brother did not want to give up and suggested his big sister give Sun Health’s DSME program a try.

“I didn’t expect it to work, but I was really surprised. Sun Health staff were knowledgeable, personable and never before had I wanted to get my life back together. They made it personal and clear that they were not dropping me. They hung in there with me and held me accountable.”

Feeling that dedication from Sun Health, helped Janice lose 14 pounds and the 72-year-old received a big surprise at her physician’s office.

“The incredible part, is I got my blood work and I was like, this has  got to be someone else’s blood work, not mine,” Janice shares. “My numbers were below a 7.0, my kidneys were better, cholesterol, blood sugar. It all improved.”

The 72-year-old is also enjoying the fact that she added walking into her routine and is feeling great. She says the big difference in Sun Health’s approach was that they made her feel important in her journey to be healthy.

“Somebody cared enough to make it feel personal.”

For information about any of our diabetes, pre-diabetes and chronic disease services and programs, please call the Center for Health & Wellbeing at (623)-471-9355 or visit SunHealthWellness.org/Diabetes.


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