Melody M.

Second Chance at Life Supported by Diabetes Education

Melody M.’s journey with Type 2 diabetes has been a rough ride at times.  After diagnosis 10 years ago, she unknowingly began progressing toward liver disease. In 2017 she was informed she had Stage 4 liver disease, which later turned into cirrhosis. By age 62, Melody was told she needed a liver transplant.

After seeking treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix she underwent rigorous evaluation and tests before being accepted into the liver transplant program. “It’s a waiting game,” says Melody. “I was told it would be a two-year wait.”

Liver Transplant Equals Second Chance

In July 2020, she received a new liver and a second chance at life. Her motivation to live her healthiest life possible with her new liver and diabetes led her to join the Sun Health Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program offered at the Grace Bible Church in Sun City.

“You never stop learning about diabetes, because you can never know it all,” says Melody. “I wanted to attend an in-person class because I thought it would be beneficial to talk with others who were in the same situation and who wouldn’t judge.”

She especially appreciated learning new tips on healthy coping, healthy eating, scheduling care and developing SMART goals.

After taking the DSME class, Melody was motivated to add strength and weight training to her walking routine. She also began using the My Fitness Pal smart phone app to track food, especially carbs. “I do much better when I write things down, and My Fitness Pal does all the work for me,” she says.

Education supported Melody’s self-management of diabetes. She has since lost five pounds and has more energy. “Attending the DSME class is one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she says. “Gaining more information and connecting with others in the group has helped so much. I’m heading in the right direction, and I know it will pay off. I’m motivated to travel and get into shorts and T-shirts this summer.”

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