Nancy U.

Nancy Urbach has called Arizona home for more than two decades and loves the life she carved out for herself in Sun City West volunteering, enjoying friendships and, most recently, writing her memoir.

Sun Health has been a big part of that life. Nancy has supported the Sun Health Foundation and her parents were former residents of Sun Health’s Grandview Terrace. Nancy considered a move to that community and then found another way Sun Health would impact her life: the Sun Health at Home program.

Sun Health at Home gives members the opportunity to continue living independently wherever they call home, with the assurance of knowing that they have guaranteed lifetime access to healthcare should their health needs ever change.

When Nancy first heard about the program from a friend at Sun Health, she knew it would be the perfect fit for her lifestyle.

“I love it. It is the best investment I ever made,” she said.

“I have people in the medical field who are there for my best interest, my welfare and they can come any time, day or night. That gives me such peace of mind.”

Living life to the fullest

Sun Health at Home members receive personalized support provided by Sun Health Wellness Coordinators who are available 24/7. Coordinators work with members to maintain health and independence as well as coordinate medical appointments, private duty caregivers, companion services and more. The program is recognized as the first of its kind in Arizona.

Nancy has two sons and now enjoys three grandchildren. After living in many different states, she settled on Arizona and never looked back.

Nancy had been looking at both Grandview Terrace and The Colonnade as her next step in life. But then she reversed course and decided to become a Sun Health at Home member to remain in her own home.

“I was sold. It was exactly what I was looking for and just felt so blessed,” she said.

Sun Health at Home allows Nancy to live the independent life that she desires and her coordinator is just a phone call away. That was never more important the night Nancy was chatting with a girlfriend on the phone and started feeling like something wasn’t quite right.

She checked her blood pressure and saw that it had skyrocketed. She reached out Sun Health at Home and then called 911. Nicole Holtsclaw, membership counselor, hit the ground running, picking up Nancy’s medical records and then heading to the hospital.

“She was very, very comforting,” Nancy said. “She handled all the medical, and was there so I didn’t have to think a lot.”

More support from Sun Health

After that hospitalization, Sun Health entered Nancy’s life once again, through Care Transitions. The program helps ease the transition from hospital to home with in-home nurse visits and follow up phone calls.

That added layer of support put Nancy at ease.

“It gives you great peace of mind because they have all your records. They know what happened,” she said. “They’re going to give you good advice based on their professional background and even though you don’t think you need it, they really help answer questions you may not have had the chance to ask when you were in the hospital.”

Nancy considers herself part of the Sun Health family as both a donor and client.

“I can’t imagine people not being familiar with Sun Health and giving back and receiving back,” she said. “I have so much confidence and faith in Sun Health and know that I could not be in better hands.”

“I can say with complete truth that I don’t think I’ve met anyone that I didn’t feel comfortable with, who didn’t really know their profession and who were not giving and caring,” she said about Sun Health’s staff.

“Sun Health is such a vital part to this community.”

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