Norma Radke

Back to health with Care Transitions

Norma Radke is lucky to have family nearby but when she wound up in the hospital twice, she also had additional support through Sun Health’s Care Transitions program.

In-home visits with nurses and follow-up phone calls put Norma’s mind at ease as she recovered in her apartment. It’s a service she highly recommends to others in need.

“Have them come because they’re very helpful and knowledgeable,” Norma said.

Care Transitions is designed to ease the transition from hospital to home through nurse visits and calls. Comfort and support are vital as patients recover, so program staff focus on helping patients to self-manage their health conditions and break the cycle of hospital readmissions by improving their confidence.

Norma said she felt more relaxed and prepared for the road ahead.

A former kindergarten teacher and mother of four adult children, Norma has called the West Valley home since the 1980s. Now in her 90s, she has volunteered at the same community organization for 35 years and is still going strong with that commitment.

Thorough care

She first learned about Care Transitions when she was hospitalized with vertigo, recalling “The walls were just spinning around me.”

After a call from Care Transition nurse Shirley Burnette, the benefits of the program were easy to see.

Soon after, Norma was hospitalized for an unrelated condition. Nurse Marianne Del Debbio provided in-home visits, ensuring that Norma understood her medications and knew what questions to ask at her next doctor’s appointment.

“I was more relaxed after Marianne was here and knew more about what the situation was,” Norma said.

“She went through everything and she wrote down the things that I needed to talk about with the doctor when I went to see her,” Norma said. “She was very helpful. She was very thorough.”

Norma felt very prepared for that doctor’s visit. “I gave her the slip of paper that Marianne had given me and we went through the list one by one,” Norma said.

Serving the community

After the home visit, Norma also received phone calls through the program to ensure that she had all of her questions answered. She was glad to know that a Care Transitions nurse was just phone call away.

Care Transitions is provided at no cost to patients thanks to the generosity of Sun Health Foundation donors.

Norma is grateful for the program and Sun Health’s focus on serving the health and wellness needs of the community. She previously donated to Sun Health Foundation when her husband was ill and felt supported by the organization.

“Sun Health Care Transitions does care and they’re there for you whenever you need them,” she said.

To learn more about Care Transitions, please visit or call (623) 471-9595.

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