Richard and Sharon Redmond

When Richard Redmond, an octogenarian who lives in Litchfield Park, Arizona, underwent heart surgery in 2021, Sun Health was already prepared to support him and his wife Sharon during their transition from hospital to home.

“The biggest thing is that they were able to help Sharon take care of me through this whole situation. And she was overwhelmed. I mean, she was just overwhelmed with a lot of questions and how many things were happening that she didn’t really understand,” Richard says.

Richard and Sharon were married in Arizona years ago but lived in California for most of their lives, only visiting friends in Arizona on occasion. Eventually, The Redmonds recognized a need for change in their lives.

“We started looking for this type of community as we got older and couldn’t find it in California, and we fell in love with La Loma Village. We moved in October of 2016 and have not regretted leaving California at all.”

Leading up to Richard’s surgery, the Sun Health Care Transitions (SHCT) program was with The Redmonds from the very beginning. Reaching out as soon as they learned Richard was facing a serious health obstacle and sending a registered nurse out to their home.

Most people know what kind of care to expect during a hospital stay, but what happens when you’re discharged?

SHCT steps in and guides you every step of the way to recovery. The Redmonds received one-on-one care in the comfort of their own home, outside of a hospital setting, which offered them peace of mind.

Richard recalls his and Sharon’s first meeting with Marianne Del Debbio, R.N., Care Transitions manager.

“I sat there as Sharon rattled off her questions and the nurse answered every one of them,” Richard says. “She really gave us a comfortable feeling that we had a backup besides the surgeon who is running at a thousand miles an hour and is very difficult to see or get in to see.”

SHCT Care Coordinators, who are all nurses, are there to answer every question you may have, connect you with helpful resources, educate you on potential “red flags” for readmission, and review your medication regimen.

Sharon describes Marianne’s medication regimen list.

“It’s really been a big help,” Sharon says. “That way if we forget something, we know the color of the pill, the shape of it, the name of it, when we’re to take it, it just was a fantastic thing that we’ve never had done before.”

Richard’s successful heart surgery and transition home offered he and Sharon the reassurance they deserved in their time of need. Care Transitions services available for a single patient, as well as a family who truly needs them.

“We’ve had a situation where both of us were down at the same time and that’s as tough as it gets,” Richard says. “To have a team like that, that you can pick up the phone and they will get in the car and come down here, be with you and walk through these issues, I think is a great benefit.”

The Redmonds continue to thrive at La Loma Village, a Sun Health Life Plan community, with the confidence and support that SHCT continues to deliver.

“I want to stress that there’s a tremendous comfort zone here knowing that that this team is available and to us and for us,” Richard adds.

Care Transitions is an evidence-based program that focuses on helping reduce preventable readmissions by providing you with the knowledge, confidence and ability to self-manage your health condition. Care Transitions nurses follow, educate and support people for 30 days following their hospital discharge. Once a person is back in their home, they can expect a nurse to conduct a home visit and to provide weekly phone calls to help address any challenges they may encounter as they begin to self-manage your health condition and, in turn, reduce chances of being readmitted to the hospital.

The program is provided at no-charge to the people living in the Northwest and Southwest Valley thanks to the generous support of donors to Sun Health Foundation.  For more information, please visit or call (623) 471-9595.


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