Sun Health Foundation Announces the Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund

Post date: 3/30/2020

Sun Health Foundation Announces the Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund

Continuing a Legacy of Learning, Personal Growth, and Caring for Others

SURPRISE, AZ (March 27, 2020) – Sun Health Foundation proudly announces the establishment of the Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund for qualifying nurses and nursing candidates – at a time when it’s needed most to support our nursing workforce.

Scholarship priority, but not exclusivity, will be given to applicants at Sun Health, Banner Boswell and Banner Del E. Webb medical centers who wish to pursue or further a career in nursing or nursing-related health professions.

Scholarship applications are currently being accepted from April 1, 2020 through May 1, 2020.

The Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund, totaling $6.4 million, was established (with the intent that 5% will be awarded each year) to open new doors of opportunity for these candidates to pursue their passion and help fill the critical need for more trained nurses and nursing-related health professionals who live and work in Arizona.

Because of the exceptional care he received, Mr. Ruff desired that the primary purpose of the scholarship be to supply nurses to Arizona. During the last decade of his life, Mr. Ruff was deeply grateful to the former Sun Health Boswell and Del E. Webb hospitals and people who delivered this care, and they became endeared to him.

“Sun Health Foundation is honored to be the steward of Mr. Ruff’s legacy of learning, personal growth, and caring for others. This legacy will live on through the generations because of his support of nursing and nursing-related healthcare profession scholarships,” said Gina W. Ore, Chief Philanthropy Officer.

“The word ‘generosity’ truly defines Mr. Ruff’s life,” Ms. Ore added. “He was greatly admired in the community and throughout Sun Health for his integrity, compassion, and for being a true friend who valued relationships.  With his generosity, Mr. Ruff has ensured that his legacy will support future generations in their academic endeavors to serve in the noble nursing and nursing-related healthcare professions.”

Mr. Ruff was born in Danbury, Ohio. Throughout his career, he worked as a CPA in the public accounting industry and in the medical field as an executive director of a prestigious multi-specialty physicians’ clinic. In retirement, Mr. Ruff moved to Sun City, Arizona, where he continued to serve his community as a volunteer board member of the now Banner Boswell Medical Center, the Sun Health Foundation and the Lakes Club.

The Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund reflects the impact generosity can have for generations in creating a world where people live longer, healthier, more purposeful lives.

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