New Client Forms

As a new client, you’ll need to provide Sun Health Wellness with information to help us best serve you and address your needs. Here, you’ll find the relevant forms and information regarding our various health and wellness services.

Welcome Packet

The welcome packet outlines the rights and responsibilities for Sun Health Wellness and you. You’ll also find contact information, procedures for filing a concern or grievance and a notice of our privacy policies.

New Client Intake

The new client intake form is your chance to share contact information, current medications and relevant medical history. This information helps our expert staff better assist you on your wellness journey.

Client Consent and Acknowledgement

By signing the client consent and acknowledgement form, you confirm that you understand information regarding financial responsibility, consent for consultation and more.

Exercise Class Consent and Release Form

Our exercise classes require that you agree to accept and assume full responsibility for all risks associated with participating in class.

Acupuncture Intake

Before your first acupuncture appointment, use this form to list any major complaints, indicate areas of pain and describe the quality of the pain. This helps our acupuncturist tailor the treatment to fit your needs.

Massage Intake

Completed before your first appointment, the massage intake form provides our massage therapists with relevant health information and which areas you want treated.

Nutrition Intake

The nutrition intake form provides our dietitians with a clear picture of your current nutritional habits and areas where you’re looking to improve. The information you provide will help guide your meeting with the dietitian.

Diabetes Prevention Program Intake

Complete this form before starting our Diabetes Prevention Program. The information you provide will help guide our instructors during the year-long program.

Diabetes Self-Management Intake

Complete this initial diabetes assessment form so our instructors have a better understanding of your health needs in addition to your overall understanding of diabetes.

Wellness Advocates

Our Wellness Advocates are here to support you through your health journey.

Class Calendar

We update our class calendar every month and always have new topics to cover.