Vial of Life and File of Life

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Vial of Life and File of Life are two life-saving tools that are designed to speak for you during a medical emergency when you may not be able to speak for yourself. Each tool contains your medical information such as a list of your current medications to help loved ones or first responders administer the proper treatment (or care) in an emergency situation.

Save precious time and ensure the correct treatment in an emergency by ordering your complimentary life-saving tools today.

Vial of Life

Vial of Life is a key resource that serves as your personal health record. Emergency medical personnel and loved ones can quickly access your Vial of Life during an emergency, when you may not be able to communicate the information yourself.

It contains an easy-to-complete medical form that consists of information that could be relevant in a medical emergency, including your medical conditions, allergies, current medications and dosage instructions, surgical history, physician and emergency contacts, preferred hospital and more.

How To Get Started

The first step in setting up your Vial of Life tool is to fill out the form with all of your current information. After you’ve completed the form, insert it into the vial and place the vial in your refrigerator.

Your Vial of Life kit also includes a complimentary orange “V” cling to alert emergency medical personnel to look for your Vial of Life. Be sure to place your orange “V” cling in an area where emergency personnel will see it when responding to an emergency in your home. For example, in a window near the front door to your home or on your refrigerator door.

Download and complete Vial of Life form:
Vial of Life Form

File of Life

File of Life is a portable flash drive that contains an easy-to-complete digital medical form with your most recent medical history and information. This includes information on your allergies, surgeries, physicians, preferred hospitals, health insurance company, pets, emergency contacts, medications and more.

The small size of File of Life makes it easy to fit on your key chain or in your purse. This ensures that your information is readily available if a medical emergency happens while you’re not at home.

How To Get Started

To request a File of Life flash drive, call our team at (623) 471-9355. The suggested donation for this helpful tool is $10, payable to the Sun Health Foundation.

Learn how to easily set up File of Life:
File of Life Instructions
Download and complete the File of Life form:
File of Life Form

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